Route 2: London ↔ Grand Bend via Exeter

Stops: Dashwood, Exeter, Huron Park, Centralia & Lucan

Route 2 London to and from Grand Bend via Dashwood, Exeter, Huron Park, and Lucan

Daily service between Grand Bend and London year-round, including statutory holidays, except for Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Good Friday. Approximate travel time is 1 hour and 20 minutes.

The bus operates Monday to Sunday from Grand Bend to London with two return trips daily. Download the Summer 2024 printable schedules and maps for all routes  (PDF).


Due to construction, London Transit Stop #705 on Fanshawe Road East just west of North Centre Road will be CLOSED as of MONDAY, MARCH 4.  Use London Transit Stop #706, located on the SOUTH SIDE of Fanshawe Road East, east of North Centre Road, near Scotiabank.

Bus stop location
Click to view larger image of stop #706

HSAT buses will pick up and drop off at #706 and continue to and from University Hospital bus stop 1817SB via Masonville Square parking lot, North Centre Road and Sunnyside Drive to Richmond Street south of Masonville Mall.

Construction is expected to be ongoing until the end of August!

Schedule 1: Travelling to London, bus stops and departure times

Bus Stop NumberBus Stop LocationTrip 1Trip 2
2000Sobeys Plaza, Grand Bend9:10 AM5:15 PM
2100Main St. E. & Ontario St. N., Grand Bend9:12 AM5:17 PM
2200Dashwood Rd. (west of) Centre St., Dashwood9:21 AM5:26 PM
2240McDonald's parking lot (NW corner), Exeter9:31 AM5:36 PM
2400Main St. S. & Sanders St. W., Exeter9:35 AM5:40 PM
2500Main St. S. & Huron St. W., Exeter9:37 AM5:42 PM
2600Stephen Township Arena, Huron Park9:44 AM5:49 PM
1250148 Melbourne St. (at playground), Centralia9:47 AM5:52 PM
2700Main St. @ Lucan Community Centre, Lucan9:56 AM6:01 PM
2800Fanshawe Pk. Rd. E., (London Transit stop #706), London (temporary due to construction)10:16 AM6:21 PM
1817University Hospital SB (London Transit stop #1817), London10:21 AM6:26 PM
2800Fanshawe Pk. Rd. E., (London Transit stop #706), London (temporary due to construction)10:31 AM6:36 PM

Schedule 2: Return travel to Grand Bend, bus stops and departure times

Bus Stop NumberBus Stop LocationTrip 1Trip 2
2800Fanshawe Pk. Rd. E., (London Transit stop #706), London (temporary due to construction)10:41 AM6:46 PM
2650Main St. nr Lucan Health Centre, Lucan11:01 AM7:06 PM
1250148 Melbourne St. (at playground), Centralia11:10 AM7:15 PM
2550Stephen Township Arena, Huron Park11:13 AM7:18 PM
2450Main St. S. & Huron St. E., Exeter11:20 AM7:25 PM
2350Main St. S. & Sanders St. E., Exeter11:22 AM7:27 PM
2240McDonald's parking lot (NW corner), Exeter11:26 AM7:31 PM
2150Dashwood Rd. near Arc Angels, Dashwood11:36 AM7:41 PM
1900Welcome Centre (Crescent St.), Grand Bend11:46 AM7:51 PM
2000Sobeys Plaza, Grand Bend11:48 AM7:53 PM

Making Connections

Summer Bus Express

The Summer Bus runs direct, non-stop trips from London from London Transit stop #706 (temporary stop until Sept. 2024) to Sobeys Plaza, Grand Bend, every Saturday and Sunday in July and August. Four return trips between 9:30 am and 9:30 pm. Sorry we cannot accept Smart Cards on this bus (bus does not have the card reader).

Flex Stop for Megabus, OurBus & OneXBus

Megabus bus stop location London Transit bus stop #1820EBTravel to Toronto, Kingston, Windsor, Kirkland and Montreal by Megabus and catch the Megabus from our first “flex stop”. Megabus, OurBus and OneXBus all stop at the parking circle behind Western University’s Elgin Hall Residence building. The closest bus stop is London Transit stop #1820EB at University Drive and Sunset Road opposite Elgin Hall Residence. On special request, our Route 2 bus will stop at #1820EB to allow passengers to get on and off. The Route 2 bus can stop at #1820EB at 10:24 am and 6:29 pm daily (including Saturdays and Sundays).

How To Use the Flex Stop

  1. Book two business days ahead of when you need to use the bus stop. Book by phone at 519-243-1400 ext. 8108 or email
  2. When boarding the bus, tell the driver you have booked to get off at the flex stop #1820EB. The driver will have matching documentation.
  3. Use the same procedure when returning to London by Megabus and accessing HSAT’s Route 2 bus.

How To Get to the Western Fair Agriplex (London)

Via Huron Shores Area Transit and London Transit

HSAT Route 2 “Grand Bend to London” bus runs daily, leaving Sobeys Plaza, Grand Bend at 9:10 am and again at 5:15 pm. For a same day trip, you must leave London bus stop #705 (temporarily closed summer 2024 – use #706) heading to Grand Bend on Route 2 on the 6:46 pm bus.
The closest bus stop to Masonville Mall is LTC bus stop #705. Use stop #705 when accessing any LTC buses that use the bus terminal at the mall. (March 4, 2024 to August 31, 2024 – use #706).

Heading to Western Fair Agriplex

  1. Take HSAT Route 2 “Grand Bend to London” 9:10 am bus from Sobeys Plaza. Arriving at LTC bus stop #705 (temporarily closed summer 2024) at 10:16 am. (March 4, 2024 to August 31, 2024 – use #706).
  2. Walk across Fanshawe Road East to the mall and over to the west side of the mall where the bus terminal is located.
  3. Look for LTC bus stop #6 – #1145.
  4. Take the LTC Route 16 bus “Masonville Place to Pond Mills via Adelaide”. It leaves Masonville multiple times daily with slight schedule changes on Saturdays and Sundays. The first weekday Route 16 connection with HSAT’s morning bus is the 10:31 am bus (Saturday’s 10:34 am; Sunday’s 10:45 am). Visit: London Transit Route 16 Schedule
  5. Get off at “Adelaide at Dundas SB” – stop #28. From the bus stop, walk 15 minutes (1.2 km) to the Agriplex. Walk south on Adelaide Street to King Street, then south on Lyle Street to York Street then to Florence Street. The Agriplex is at 845 Florence Street.

Heading to Grand Bend

If returning the same day, you will need to leave Western Fair no later than 4:30 pm on a weekday, 5:25 pm on a Saturday and 5:10 pm on a Sunday.

  1. Walk about 20 minutes to the Adelaide St. & Dundas St. intersection.
  2. From LTC bus stop “Adelaide at Dundas NB – #27,” take the 5:31 pm bus #16 “Masonville Place via Adelaide” to Masonville Mall. You’ll arrive at 5:53 pm. Two additional buses leave the Adelaide & Dundas bus stop at 5:46 pm and 6:06 pm, getting you to Masonville Mall in time to catch the 6:46 pm HSAT bus leaving stop #705.
  3. Take HSAT Route 2 bus from LTC #705 (temporarily closed) at 6:46 pm. (March 4, 2024 to August 31, 2024 – use #706).
  4. Arrive Sobeys Plaza, Grand Bend at 7:53 pm.

Download print friendly version (PDF).

How To Get To RBC Place (formerly London Convention Centre)

Heading to RBC Place (London Convention Centre)

  1. Take HSAT Route 2 “Grand Bend to London” bus leaving Sobeys Plaza at 9:10 am. It arrives at University Hospital LTC bus stop #1817 SB at 10:21 am.
  2. From that SAME bus stop (#1817SB), catch London Transit bus #13 at 10:33 am.
  3. Get off the #13 bus at the “Richmond at King SB – #1491” bus stop.
  4. Walk 10 minutes east along York Street to RBC Place (300 York St, London). You will arrive at 10:56 am.

Full Route 13 schedule online

Heading to Grand Bend

  1. Walk 10 minutes west along York Street to Richmond Street, to the “Richmond at King NB – #1490” bus stop.
  2. Take the #13 “Masonville Mall via Wellington & Richmond” bus, leaving at 6:05 pm.
  3. The bus will arrive at Masonville Mall at 6:28 pm (bus stop #5 – #1144).
  4. Walk from the bus terminal at Masonville Mall north across Fanshawe Road East to London Transit stop #705 near the RBC Bank on the north side of Fanshawe Road East.
  5. Catch the HSAT Route 2 6:46 pm bus, arriving at Sobeys Plaza, Grand Bend, at 7:53 pm.

Download print-friendly bus travel instructions (PDF).