A Regional Bus Service For All!

Public transit comes to Bluewater, Kettle & Stony Point First Nation, Lambton Shores, North Middlesex and South Huron.

Get where you want to go with Huron Shores Area Transit bus service! This affordable bus system is designed to provide residents with affordable transportation options within the region, connecting our local towns and villages and hamlets to one another and to Sarnia and London.

Frequently Asked Questions

Four routes provide access to and from Sarnia, Forest, Kettle & Stony Point First Nation, Grand Bend, Bayfield, Dashwood, Exeter, Hensall, Zurich, Huron Park, Parkhill, Ailsa Craig, Strathroy and London.

See the Schedules, Routes & Map page for more information

It’s easy and affordable to ride! All route fares are $5 and transfers between routes are free. Children 12 years and under ride when accompanied by an adult.

Please have the exact change of $5 ready when you board, as our drivers are unable to make the change.

Sorry no. Exact change is required. Place cash in the fare box when you get on the bus.

Why not make life easier and get a Smart Card?

Smart Cards are a reloadable transit pass tyhat you can use to pay your bus fares. They are available in amounts of $25 and $50 or as a $50 monthly pass good for unlimited rides for up to 31 days.

Smart Cards can be purchased at Sobeys in Grand Bend and other selected outlets or by calling our Customer Service at 519-243-1400 ext. 8108 weekdays during business hours. We'll setup your Smart Card and mail it out to you.

Smart Cards can be used as soon as you buy them. Simply tap your card once on the terminal by the front door of the bus. Your fare is deducted automatically. There is no need to tap your card to get off the bus.

When it is time to add more value to your card or renew your Monthly Pass, visit hsat.usetransit.com and create a user account.

Yes. Monthly Passes cost $50 for unlimited number of rides for 31 days.

You can buy a Monthly Pass at Sobeys in Grand Bend and at other selected outlets OR order one by called our Customer Service at 519-243-1400 extension 8108 weekdays during business hours.

We'll setup your Monthly Pass and mail it to you.

When it comes time to add more dollar value to your Pass, go to hsat.usetransit.com and create a user account and simply follow the directions to load up your Pass.

All of our buses are equipped with an accessible wheelchair lift which can be used by passengers with limited mobility or who use a mobility aid such as a wheelchair.

Mobility scooters are welcome aboard. In order to use the accessible lift, the scooter must fit into a 48-inch (1.22m) long by 36-inch (91cm) wide space.

If able, we encourage scooter passengers to transfer to a fixed seat when on the vehicle, as some scooter designs cannot be secured firmly enough to carry a seated passenger when the bus is in motion.

Visit the Accessibility page for full information.

The buses may not operate in unsafe road conditions caused by inclement weather. Call 1-888-465-0783 to inquire about service cancelations. A live operator is available from 9am to 5pm daily.

Buses operate Monday to Sunday depending on the route. See the Schedules, Routes & Map page for more information.

Buses run on all holidays except New Year's Day.

Passengers with disabilities who are accompanied by their service animal are welcome on our vehicles. Service animals must be clearly identified (such as by a vest or harness), and must be in the care and control of their owner at all times.

All other pets must be in a carrier at all times while on board.

Yes! Bring your bike along for the ride. All buses have a bike rack that takes up to two bikes.

For any questions regarding the service, please call the toll-free customer service line at 1-888-465-0783. A live operator is available 9am to 5pm daily.

Customer Service

519-243-1400 ext. 8108

Comment or Concern

The Municipality of Lambton Shores is working with Huron Shores Area Transit to collect feedback and concerns regarding the transit service.

To send us your feedback or concerns, use the Report It Form on the Municipality’s website.

Huron Shores Area Transit Coordinator

Charles Fitzsimmons

1-81 Crescent St.,

Lambton Shores, ON N0M 1T0

T. 519-200-5493 (8:30am-4:30pm)

Email Me

Huron Shores Area Transit is made possible through an Ontario Community Transportation Grant (CTA program) of $2-million. The grant program supports local and intercommunity bus service in areas unserved or underserved by public transit, making transit within and between communities a reality. The program will make it more convenient for Ontarians, including seniors, students, youths, persons with disabilities and others to access essential services in their communities, connect with other transportation services, and travel between cities and towns. To learn more about the CT Pilot Program, you can contact the Ministry of Transportation at: 1-800-268-4686 or 416-235-4686 or email: CTProgram@ontario.ca

It took a lot of time and energy to get to the launch date for Huron Shores Area Transit. We are dedicated to optimizing the travel experience for our passengers.

Features being considered for future implementation include:

  • Mobile App with real-time data
  • Free WiFi
  • Flex stops

Please note, the features listed above will not be available at the time of service launch, and we cannot guarantee that they will be in the future. These features are items we are working on.

Huron Shores Area Transit came to be from a grassroots initiative of volunteers and social agency representatives working with our local municipalities (Lambton Shores, Kettle & Stony Point First Nation, Bluewater, South Huron and North Middlesex).

The service itself is provided by Voyago. Voyago helps many Ontario communities sustain a viable local transit service.