All of our regular buses are equipped with an accessible wheelchair lift, which can be used by passengers with limited mobility or who use a mobility aid such as a wheelchair. Important Note: the Summer Bus is not equipped with a wheelchair lift.

Mobility scooters are welcome. To use the accessible lift, the scooter must fit into a 48-inch (1.22m) long by 36-inch (91cm) wide space.

If able, we encourage scooter passengers to transfer to a fixed seat when on the vehicle, as some scooter designs cannot be secured firmly enough to carry a seated passenger when the bus is in motion.

Bus Stops

In cases where a transit stop is temporarily inaccessible, people with disabilities can board or exit the bus at the closest safe location. In determining where a safe location is located, the operator will consider the preference of the person with a disability, however, the final determination of the safe location will be determined by the operator.

Priority Seating

Priority Seating is for the use of passengers with a disability. Each bus is equipped with a designated location found at the rear of the bus for persons using a wheelchair or other mobility aid. If you do not have a disability or mobility challenge, please vacate these seats when asked by a person with a disability or the bus operator.

Service Animals

Passengers with disabilities who are accompanied by their service animal are welcome on our vehicles. Service animals must be clearly identified (such as by a vest or harness), and must be in the care and control of their owner at all times.

Support Person

Support Persons accompanying a passenger with a disability are permitted to ride the bus for free.