Smart Card Library Pass

The Smart Card Library program is designed to encourage residents who have not yet tried local public transit to experience convenient and affordable travel options and access various destinations and venues without worrying about transportation or parking costs. The program is planned to be in place for the full year and may be extended into 2025.

How It Works

Visit your local library and use your library card to sign-out the Smart Card Library Pass for five days. During that time, use the Pass to travel any of our four routes, at any time of day, for FREE. The Pass will provide unlimited rides during the five-day period.

The pass is non-renewable, enabling as many cardholders as possible to borrow the pass and try out local public transit.

Participating Libraries

Smart Card Library Passes can be borrowed from libraries in Arkona, Bayfield, Exeter, Forest, Goderich, Grand Bend, Hensall, Kettle & Stony Point First Nation, Port Franks, Sarnia, Thedford, and Zurich.