Advertising Policy

The Advertising Policy provides guidelines and specifications for the advertising opportunities available at the Municipality of Lambton Shores, particularly at the Shores Recreation Centre, the Legacy Recreation Centre, and on transit vehicles operating with the Huron Shores Area Transit (HSAT), that are permitted by the Municipality of Lambton Shores to businesses and non-profit organizations. Download the Advertising Policy (PDF) Download the Advertising Agreement Form for advertising with HSAT (PDF) Read More

Passenger Courtesy, Conduct & Safety Policy

While we have always asked passengers to be courteous of each other and the driver, we have expanded that request to include items and behaviour banned from taking place on the buses and outlined potential outcomes for offending passengers. Being Courteous Bus Style Allow passengers to exit before you board. Place bags and carry-on items under your seat or on your lap. Do not take up seating with belongings. Do not block the aisle. Headphones must be worn when playing music on a personal device. Service animals welcome. Pets must be secured in a pet carrier at all times. Read More

No Stranded Passengers Policy

The purpose of this policy is to fulfill our commitment to our passengers so that they can place their trust in Huron Shores Area Transit as a reputable and reliable method of travel. Read More

Video Surveillance Policy

The Municipality of Lambton Shores is committed to enhancing the safety and security of the public, its employees, and its property, while balancing an individual’s right to privacy. Read More


Huron Shores Area Transit is fully committed to providing an accessible service. Our policy includes information about wheelchair lifts, service animals, support persons and priority seating. Read More